Tasmanian pademelon
Thylogale billardierii


A stocky animal with a relatively short tail and legs to aid its movement through dense vegetation. It ranges in colour from dark-brown to grey-brown above and has a red-brown belly. Males, which are considerably larger than females.This species is extinct on mainland Australia, because of predation by foxes and large scale land clearance, although two other species occur along the east coast of the mainland. In Tasmania, however, the pademelon is both widespread and abundant. Although partially protected, hunting is allowed; its pelt is commercially valuable and the meat is palatable.

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Areas of dense vegetation, rainforest and wet forest, wet gullies in dry open eucalyptus fields. However, when in a clear area, they usually stay within 100 meters of forest shelterst


Abundant across Tasmania Exticnt on mainland Australia


Can grow up to around 100cm and weigh up to around 12kg although on average much smaller than this

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