Cape Barren Goose
Cereopsis novaehollandiae


The Cape Barren Goose is a very large, pale grey goose with a relatively small head. Its stubby triangular bill is almost concealed by a very prominent greenish-yellow cere (skin above the bill). It has rows of large dark spots in lines across the scapulars (shoulders) and wing coverts. The legs are pink to deep red and the feet black. In flight it shows dark wingtips and along the trailing edge of the wings.

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The Cape Barren Goose is a grazing bird and is often found in areas of pasture, tussock grass or low heathy scrub.


The Cape Barren Goose is found on the south-eastern coast of Australia, the southern coast of Western Australia and in south-eastern Victoria. It is locally dispersive and has been introduced to Kangaroo Island.


75 - 100 cm with a wingspan of 150 to 190 cm

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