Austral Grass-Tree
Xanthorrhoea australis


It takes the form of a domed spray of thin wiry grass leaves that emanate from a central trunk. From that centre will eventually sprout a 2m spear shaped flower that is covered in small creamy white and honey scented flowers. The trunk is not wood but just the leftover leaf bases - which is why it takes so long to grow. Grass trees are often very long-lived with some are estimated to be 350 to 450 years old. The main way to identify Xanthorrhoea is by looking at the cross-section of the leaves. In the case of X. australis the cross-section is a rough diamond shape, and the colour of the leaves is a bluish-green.

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This species can be found in the states of New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria


Height: 3m Width: 1.8m

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