Bluebell Creeper
Billardiera heterophylla


Introduced to Tasmania from WA as a garden plant this species is now considered a significant weed In Tasmania and many other states.

It is a long-lived climbing plant which is rarely bushy in habit. New stems are greenish in colour and densely hairy, while older stems are reddish brown. The long leaves are almost stalkless, have entire margins and are softly hairy. The nodding blue flowers occur in small clusters at the branch tips. These flowers have five petals and five yellowish stamens which are pressed to each other

This plant is listed as "Native" as it is an Australian native plant however it is not native to Tasmania and whilst can be considered a native it can be harmful to Tasmanian native environments.

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Coastal areas and disturbed areas often coming back fast after fires out growing locally native species


Endemic to WA it is considered an wide spread weed in Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and the ACT


Can grow to around 4m high and 4m wide often growing over and smothering other plants

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