Australian Fur Seal

Arctocephalus pusillus doriferus


Males their coats are a gray-brown and they have a thick mane about their neck region which is slightly lighter. Females vary greatly in size and their coat is a silver-gray with a yellow colored throat and brown underside. An external ear is visible behind each eye.

Australian Fur Seals change their diet from season to season, eating squid, octopus and fish. Killer Whales and White Sharks are probably their main predators.

Locally only seen randomly normally only one animal at a time

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Coastal and continental shelf waters, up to 180 km offshore


South-eastern mainland Australia and Tasmania


Males can weigh anywhere from 218-360 kg and are 2-2.2 meters in length. Females weighing between 36 and 110 kg and measuring between 1.2 and 1.8m in length.

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