Red Rock Crab

Guinusia chabrus


This crab common on subtidal reefs and rocky crevices is a sturdy crab with a colour ranging from red to browns covered with small dense hairs has a squarish shape to the body (carapace) with four defined notches across the front the eyes feature between two of those outside notches, the side of the carapace has three spike-like triangular notches. The legs feature a series of outward angled spikes on the section closet to the body, whilst the claws feature a couple of rows light coloured knobs.

Living along exposed coasts these are fast moving crabs dodging waves as they move through the kelps and sea squirts they live and feed amongst.

How to identify the Guinusia chabrus?


Can be found on reefs or in rock crevices, under rocks at the low tide level out to depths of around 50m or more


Southern Indian and Southern Pacific Oceans, including South Africa, New Zealand, and Chile in Australia it is found in southern temperate waters including around Tasmania


Can grow to around 70mm across the carapace

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