Banded Morwong
Cheilodactylus spectabilis


The Largest of the Morwong species the Banded morwong has dark brick red to brown bars on a lighter background, and usually with red or orange around the eye, pectoral fin base and lips. Individuals in deeper water or at night can sometimes 'turn off' some of the bars and appear mostly pale.

Their rate of growth is fast in the first 5 years and then slows.  Males grow larger than females and mature banded morwong may be as old as 90 years, and has an extremely small home range size (often found associated with a single large boulder), so is extremely vulnerable to over-fishing

Images showing the key charateristics of this species to help with identification


Banded morwong are normally found around shallow exposed rocky reef areas in depths between 3-50 meters.


Banded morwong inhabit exposed rocky headlands and coastal reefs, from Seal Rocks in NSW, throughout Victorian and Tasmanian waters to Robe in South Australia


They can grow up 70cm and 15kg in weight

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